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Wide awake

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    Hedgehogs spotted out and about last night, feeder bowls were all filled and have been emptied by the next morning. Hopefully we will see some young ones around this year.

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    Hi HedgerowHedgehog

    It’s lovely to hear there are hedgehogs out and about there. There seem to be a few reports that, even among those that hibernated, some of them are appearing again. And it won’t be long until there are more about. Going back a few years and in less mild winters males used to start emerging early March which will soon be upon us.

    Hope the hogs there have a good year ahead and, as you say, hopefully some young ones!

    Good luck and happy hog watching!


    We are becoming quite concerned, knowing that there have already been sightings. In previous years we have had hedgehogs popping in for food and a drink as early as January, so as this year has been so mild we have been prepared for them all winter with the cameras running each evening (but only cats, and mice who eat the food!)

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    Hi Barbarah

    Don’t worry! The hedgehogs out early and those who choose not to hibernate are pretty much pioneers and still a minority. Most of the hedgehogs still hibernate and it is still early for them to be out.

    The weather isn’t always an indicator of when and how long a hog will hibernate. Wild food availability can be just as important and some insects, etc. haven’t kept up with climate change and especially not with the occasional warmer than usual interlude. But even accessibility to food isn’t the whole picture either, with some males beginning to hibernate in September when there is still food around.

    So you may need to wait a bit longer, but don’t give up. Historically some females have hibernated until April or later (having gone into hibernation later). Hedgehogs are notorious for keeping us all guessing, so hopefully you will eventually get some visiting again.

    Good luck. Let us know when you get some hedgehog activity there.


    Hi Nic,
    The first one of the season arrived last night – temperature minus3°! He knew how to negotiate the feeding station and we think we recognise him as a late youngster that we had to feed up to get him to a good weight. We had hoped he would settle in one of our nest boxes so that we could keep an eye on him, but a bigger hog moved into the box that he had started to take nesting material into so he moved on. We worried about him being so young and we’re delighted he made it through the winter. He visited twice, not eating much on either occasion, but he will find his favourite food out tonight!

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    Hi Barbarah

    Glad to hear that one of the hogs is back.

    Just a word of warning – some, particularly youngsters, come out of hibernation too light and still may need extra help. Winter is not over yet! So keep a special eye out for the little one. If it looks very small or thin it might be worth weighing him/her and taking advice from a local rescue.

    Hopefully all will be well and he/she will continue to visit for the favourite food!

    Good luck.


    Hello Nic,

    We’ve had sightings on two of the last four nights. Each time, several visits to the feeding station over an hour or so. Not sure if it’s always the same one as we’re the community food bank for quite a few during the season and it isn’t always easy to tell them apart. We recognised the little one I referred to previously though, last night, when we saw him sorting through the food in the dish for his preferred semi moist – he leaves the kibble! I don’t think he’s starving. Due to the mild winter, there must still be slugs etc in the vegetation around.


    Hello Nic,

    Our hedgehog season has definitely started; with a battle for the bowl last night! Both hogs confidently found the entrance to the feeding station, which told us they were returning members of last year’s group. It’s a joy to know that they have successfully come through the winter and, if the weather turns nasty, there is still one of our nesting boxes which is unoccupied, so available for a quick B & B.
    So….assemble the newspapers, the rubber gloves and the dustpan and brush, and order in the supplies. We are looking forward to many anxious/hilarious moments gathered around the camera monitors.

    Here’s to a successful hedgehog 2024.

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