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Winter sleep.

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    It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, but anyway the feeding staion has cleaned out everynight and i’ve noticed traces of dioreah. I suspect hoggy has been storing up their fat reserves for the winter sleep and the den I made for them has gone unoticed as it looks like they prefer the cover of the piles of twigs and leaves as I’ve noticed 2 disturbances in the twigs like an entrance. But anyway from what I can gather hedgehogs do not stay in one place for long and can have up to six places to sleep. So goodnight hoggy. See you when you wake up later.


    Hi Berty
    I have the same issue. 3 visiting Hedgehogs & 3 fine houses dotted around the garden, but alas they prefer to make their own arrangements. (One was using the cat kennel but has since abandoned this) my cctv indicates they are using the garden to sleep & think I know where one of the nests is situated. I have popped some hay around the area which appears to have been used. The younger one came last night and had his food but due the temperature drop it may be the last visit. He is quite big so hope he survives through the coming months.


    Hello Annie. So some positive signs there that Hoggy is ready to sleep, so we must remember not to disturb the nest. The leaves are still falling so I’m brushing them up to the den for them. Meanwhile I will still be keeping an eye for them in the winter months in case they come out for a little stroll as I’ve heard they do and then go to another den. So we still might see some signs of them.


    Hi, well my Little one is still coming, seen him tonight. I would be made up if he used one of the houses. I need go gather up some 🍁 to encourage them I think. Hay isn’t cutting it. I have a good few places in the garden so sure they will be ok.


    Hi I’ve just found a young hog in my feeding station tonight so took the opportunity to weigh him. 350g so probably not big enough to survive hibernation. Do you think I should rescue him? I’m new to hedgehog preservation. Thanks

    Avatar photo

    Hi Jacqueline8

    Yes, 350g is too small to survive hibernation.

    I have just written the following for someone else so will copy here as much of it may be relevant to you, too.

    ‘You should be able to get the number of someone local, who will be able to help if the little one needs over-wintering, advise about weights in relation to local conditions, etc. from the BHPS (01584 890801). If you do catch the hoglet, try to get advice before releasing it, because sometimes it is more difficult to catch them a second time.

    If you need to keep a hog in over night, use a high sided box or pet carrier as hogs are very good at escaping. You can use newspaper as a base and torn up paper (or hay, if you happen to have some around) for bedding (enough for them to hide in) and supply food and water (although they may very likely spill that!). It is useful to have scales and potential night accommodation ready before you try to catch a hog, just in case, to cause them minimum stress. So you can literally just catch, weigh and put in the box (if necessary), or release.

    If there is one hoglet around, it is quite likely there is more than one, so keep an eye out. Small hoglets were arriving here, last year, until the end of November, so it’s a good idea to keep supplying food and water after you think all the hogs have disappeared.’

    Good luck.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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