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Woken by hedgehog scuffle

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    I was very privileged to have been woken last night by strange sounds and on investigation, 2 hogs were curled up next to each other on the patio and a third seemed to be trying to force it’s way between them, causing a bit of a scuffle. Watched them for a while until they left one by one. Could they be breeding and two males having an altercation over a female???


    Hi jeank it sounds like that is what is happening . Saw 3 hogs in my garden last year and one went after another male and for ages rolled him round the garden a few times, the female just curled up and stayed very still until a male ran off and he carried on circling her but she wasn’t interested and went into food box and ate her supper and he went away . So interesting to watch as long as it doesn’t get too violent ….

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    HI Jeank

    It isn’t always easy to tell without seeing it yourself, but it sounds like they were 3 males. A dominant male will roll up several males if he happens upon them. I had one male here once who had 3 other males rolled up and he was (alternately) circling two different females! I’m not sure the females were impressed when he kept dashing off to make sure all the males stayed rolled and circling the other female! But his stamina with all that rushing around was quite impressive.

    The hog there may have been making sure they both stayed curled up. But there may also have been a female around – out of sight. It’s usually the females huffing which attracts people’s attention, so it may be that which awoke you. Males don’t normally biff and curl female hogs up, but it does happen occasionally, seemingly by mistake.


    That’s really interesting, thank you both. At first I wondered what the big lump was that one hog kept ‘pestering’, then I realised it was 2 hogs curled up next to each other. At one point, one of the curled up hogs uncurled and went for the ‘pest’ for a bit, then went back to the other and curled up again.
    The ‘pest’ left as he realised I was there, then the one who had uncurled did so again and just wandered a bit then left. The last one stayed curled up a bit longer then went off the explore the garden.
    So pleased they woke me up so I could go and see them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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