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Would like to hear from other hedgehog champions!

Home Forums Champions’ chat Would like to hear from other hedgehog champions!

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    Hi JollyP

    The reason I asked is because they often do look as if they are being rather grumpy leading up to a courtship dance – jiggling on their legs and huffing, for all the world as if they were totally outraged. They sometimes even biff the male in the side, almost as if to say, I am here – pay me some attention! I have two visitors here who were overwintered at the local wildlife hospital. They, too indulge in a bit of huffing, etc. when boys are around. I have seen them both doing the courtship dance with the males, but a lot of the boys just don’t take any notice. I think they may still be a bit young to breed, and perhaps the older boys realise that so don’t waste their energy.

    I too am hoping the hedgehog population is about to, or has already, increased. One of the regular girl visitors has just returned after a two week absence and another has gone missing.


    Mealworms should be a treat only, approx 6/week is sufficient and sunflower hearts contain oil, both conducive to heart failure. I have experimented with every retailed food item, provided homemade concoctions and 3 years later have found Vitakraft Premier Menu to be the most widely preferred. This ideally should be a supplement only.
    I have a 100% wildlife friendly garden with native planting and habitats to provide the best possible natural diet, which is always preferable and assists with a balanced diet.
    Please consider quantity as it is feasible that if everyone is feeding in your neighbourhood, then the hogs could be overfed. A fat hog is never a happy one!


    Hi Nic
    Yes they are rather spoilt! They are aware of them but aren’t bothered, they have constant access to their run.
    The cats however sat by the hedgehogs (we appear to have two visiting) the other evening just watching them. Neither seemed to be bothered!
    I now have the I love hedgehog food which the hedgehogs are definitely eating as I see them most evenings now 🙂

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    Hi Suzanne

    That’s good news. Hopefully they’ll pass the word round and you will get more hog visitors, or even better some hoglets!


    I now have three visiting hedgehogs! :):):)

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    Hi Suzanne

    That’s brilliant! The word soon gets around.

    I saw what looked like a very small hog on the cam from last night, so am hoping it might be a hoglet. It can be deceiving on video so hope it turns up a bit earlier so I can see.


    We had a hedgehog nest under our rabbit hutch one year, we watched her and four hoglets every evening. Would be great to see some again 🙂

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    Hi Suzanne

    I was right about the hoglet on the cam. There are at least 2 of them, but they seem to be completely independent and very precocious. They seem quite happy to eat and drink from the dishes. I’ve had to increase the rations! It is about a month earlier than I first saw a hoglet here last year, so hopefully it will lead to another bumper year for hoglets.

    You are so lucky to see a Mum with her hoglets. I have always wanted to see a little train of hoglets following their Mum, but they never seem to come here until they are a little bit older. Hopefully, there will be some more there this year.


    Hi Nic, sorry for the late reply! I wish there was some kind of notifications setting on here but its very basic isn’t it?

    How lovely to see hoglets on your cam, I didn’t have a cam when we had the family in the garden.

    Yes we were incredibly lucky to see Mum and four hoglets come out every evening, we used to lay on the floor in the kitchen peeping through the curtains!

    It was a very sad evening though when she came out one evening with just 2 of them which she took away before coming back for the other 2 🙁 She then came back with what I assume was her mate and we never saw the hoglets again 🙁

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    Hi Suzanne

    That is sad, but at least you knew she had four hoglets, which has to be good. Hopefully they grew into sturdy hedgehogs.

    The two little ones here are not so little any more. They are very independent and don’t, obviously, belong to any of the ‘regular’ females. One of them already seems to have a male admirer!

    By the way, how do you put the little faces on here?


    Re. the photo. Unfortunately, I don’t have a website. I wondered if it was something like that. I tried before and couldn’t seem to get a photo on just from the computer, which is a shame.

    Hi Nic – it appear one can upload images direct to one’s profile – then you should be able to add a link in the thread back to that image.


    Nic – also, by clicking on ‘My Hedgehog Street’ near the top of the page, one option is ‘Gallery‘ – where you can upload images.

    And then add links in the thread to the images so uploaded.

    [I’m still not a robot]

    Mike – another one

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    Thanks for that, Mike, and yes, I have changed my profile pic a few times. The only trouble is that all the back posts have the image changed as well, so if you referred to it in an old post, it may show the ‘wrong’ picture. You can, indeed, load images to the gallery, but they sometimes take a while to appear, so not ideal for something which you want to refer to ‘now’. If you find some other brilliant way to get pics on here – quickly- would love to know.

    Re. the robot thing – I know it can be annoying sometimes, but maybe better than getting loads of nonsense posts on here?

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