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🛠 Toolkit for individuals

If you haven’t already, make sure your garden is hedgehog friendly by following our top tips. You can take our garden challenge to find out how suitable your garden is for hedgehogs already! We have templates for creating hedgehog holes and hedgehog houses so you can ensure your local hedgehogs have all the resources they need.

The next step is to invite your neighbours to take part in Hedgehog Street. Holes between gardens can seem like a big ask, but many people are keen once they learn about the perils hedgehogs face. Our step-by-step guidance will help you get the message out to your community. You could start by using our introduction letter or invitation. Putting up posters round the local area is a great way to spread the message as well. If you are active in the community then you could use our educational and interesting slideshow.

Photo: Joanne Davenport