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The Hedgehog Housing Census results are in!

30th July 2018
The first national survey of hedgehog houses

Hedgehog Housing Census: The first national survey of hedgehog houses

Firstly, thank you to all of you who took part in our survey last year.  The team at the University of Reading analysed over 5000 survey results and now the secrets to creating a hedgehog’s perfect home are revealed…

  • 81% of survey respondents* found that hedgehogs used the house for resting, 59% for hibernation and 28% for breeding
  • Hedgehogs actually prefer homemade houses, but artificial houses are still a good alternative
  • Hedgehogs need time to get used to a new house before they use it
  • Feeding hedgehogs in your garden & providing bedding increases the chances of a resident hedgehog moving in
  • Hedgehogs prefer houses found in back gardens, in sheltered spots
  • Pets or badgers don’t appear to put off a ‘hog from moving in
*The survey respondents were those that responded to questions about usage for resting, breeding or hibernation only.  Some participants skipped this question in the survey.

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