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3x hedgehogs x3 badgers regularly

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings 3x hedgehogs x3 badgers regularly

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    hi happy folks
    As i just noted in the Hedgehog tales tonight, new member, we took on x2 rescued wild hedgehogs late 2020 and they are now out of hibernation – and mating season has already been witnessed on our wildlife camera – again new to witness the circling and also the two males face to face antics plus the loud noises! We surprisingly have x2 Adult female Badgers visit and x1 Young male (havent had any here for 2yrs) and on the wildlife camera nightly this last month and more they, including the rescue hedgehogs have been seen foraging and eating alongside each other – in addition to their igloo stations – with NO PROBLEMS. The Badgers sniff occasionally and then get on with their own foraging. The female Hedgehog we have is feisty, scotts lassie lol, and has made her prescence known if they get to close to where she is eating. the young male ran off to the back field through our fence the first time it squealed at it, and the two adult badgers just move away. I watched with trepadation on the footage but every night they either eat alongside or at different times. At one point we had x2 badgers x1 hedehog x1 local cat and x3 wee field mice all in the same video scene- we have a busy route i guess as our garden backs onto hilly fields and we have many hedgerows. So all positive experiences here with both species xx

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    Hi Star D

    Welcome to the Forum, but I’m sorry to hear you have badgers there. There is no easy way to say it, but the hedgehogs will be at risk from the badgers. It is not normal for hedgehogs to eat side by side with badgers and it indicates that the hogs are not behaving as normal wild hedgehogs would and avoiding the badgers – which are hedgehogs’ main natural predator. It’s possible that because the hogs have been in care that they have somehow lost their natural instincts in that respect.

    The fact that the hogs and badgers have, so far, been eating side by side is not any consolation. I have heard before of badgers and hedgehogs who were accustomed to being fed side by side, but still one day a badger turned on a hog and killed it, despite there still being food available to the badger.

    If I were you I would try to limit the chances of interaction between them. Sorry, I’m sure this isn’t what you wanted to hear.


    Hi Nic
    thanks for info yes x2 wild hedgehogs were found and in rescue place to bulk up before hibernation then we took them on unbeknownst that the Badgers were about as none for 2yrs. i will do my best efforts to deter the Badgers x


    All my hedgehogs have now dispersed. Not seen any for around 4 weeks. Had around four coming in for food. My garden is now by the looks of it on a badgers round, and comes by at least twice a week maybe more. Have stopped all food.

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    Hi William

    Sorry to hear you have had badgers there too. So sad re. the hedgehogs, especially when you have been taking such care of them for so long. The problem is if badgers setts are disturbed the badgers are likely to disperse and so badgers can appear in places where they have previously not been present.


    Hi Nic,
    I think that with the long dry spell down in my part, that food was probably more scarce. Worms, badgers main food will go a lot deeper. So in all probability, the badger has extended its range for food. Had this several years ago, and was a dry spring and winter then also.
    Plus i am not the only one that was feedings the hedgehogs as i got many that were marked. Tells me the badger is doing its rounds for the hedgehog food. That is the theory.


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    Hi William

    Fingers crossed they might disappear again, in that case. At least it’s raining a bit now, so maybe earthworms easier to come by again.


    Not so many visits from the badger now. Could be due to weeks of rain and no food. The upside is that a hedgehog turned up last night for a drink. So tonight will put out a few biscuits in the covered feeder.

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    Hi William

    Fingers crossed the badgers stay away!


    Sadly, I’ve had badger issues too. Hedgehogs were visiting in a fair number (3 caught in one video frame, so that number is a minimum, but possibly up to five individuals in one night). Then a pair of badgers started to visit. In late April, one attacked the hedgehog feeder and took the food that was inside. I don’t think a hedgie was in there at the time, but a day later I found the remains of a hedgie that had been partially consumed. The day after that I spotted one hedgie on camera and since then none. At least one badger visits most nights. There are still hedgehogs visiting other gardens in my village, just none of the gardens close to me.


    Badger is still coming in at least twice a week. One hedgehog caught on doorcam last night. But did not stop for any food.


    Glad to say the badger has all but stopped coming in now. Just the one visit around four weeks ago. Hedgehogs are working their way back. Even had two feeding together.
    Camera also got this little one. Don`t know how many juveniles there are And for me it is early. Usually see them August-September.

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    Hi William

    Great news that some hogs are back. Looks like you have a bit of a mountaineer there! Such determination! I haven’t had any that small here yet, but still hoping!


    We have a few hedgehogs quite regularly now, certainly no badgers. A lady across the road from me who is a family friend has an older sister further down south, she told me her sister had installed a safari type cam and was watching “her” hedgehog going about her garden and in an instand a badger she had not known about dived into shot and took the hedgehog she had been watching! Certainly not pleasant but it goes to show they do not make good bed-fellows.

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    Hi Chico_W

    Thanks for telling us about that. It must have been a very distressing experience for that lady, seeing that. But it’s good that people hear about these things and realise that badgers cannot be trusted around hedgehogs.

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