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Active new Rat hole under hedgehog house

Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog Active new Rat hole under hedgehog house

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    I have just discovered, and confirmed using our trailcam, an active new rat hole directly under the hedgehog house. I’m keen to deter the rats but don’t want to deter any occupant in the hedgehog house. (In a few weeks I plan to give the hedgehog house its annual clean out after checking for any resident using the trail cam). Any ideas please how I can ‘encourage’ the rat away in the meantime from under the hedgehog house? On a different slant I do hope the rat isn’t likely to harm any hedgehog possibly living above it!

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    Hi Tootsbury

    Sorry to hear you have a rat problem. The following is a link to another rat topic which also contains further links, where you might find something useful:

    Good luck.


    Hi Tootsbury,

    Did you manage to put the rats off without upsetting the hhs? I’d love to know, as I have an ongoing rats situation.

    I’m afraid I have no idea whether this would work or not, but I read the best natural deterrent for rats is peppermint oil – you soak cotton wool balls in it and leave them where there’s a problem. You’d have to change them frequently.

    I also understand lavender oil is also a deterrent, the same is claimed for chilli powder and ground black pepper. I put hot chilli powder around rat-attacked-plants in pots in my garden, and that did seem to keep the rats away, whilst not being at ground level to hurt the hhs.

    If you put powdered chilli or black pepper under the box I think you’d need to put plastic or roofing felt over it, in case it manages to puff its way into the hedgie box, as I’m sure they’d not like these two!

    The problem with all of this is, I have no idea if it would put off the hhs! Nic suggested I try it with small amounts of oil and monitoring how it affected the hogs – which I will try when my rats become a problem again.

    Please let me know how you got on – thanks :o)


    Hi first post from me, just built a Hedgehog house and about to put bedding in using old leaves and small twigs however when racking through these leaves I noticed a fair bit of ivy leaves. Would this be harmful to hogs even though they are dead leaves.

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    Hi HappyWanderer

    Welcome to the Forum!

    It’s best with hog houses to only put a handful of material in to start with and make sure there are lots more material nearby for the hogs to collect for themselves. That way the hogs can choose their own material. They are far better at building nests – especially hibernation nests – than we are. Also, most hogs prefer to do their own interior decorations. But that would mean it would be up to the hogs whether they mind ivy or not. I would be inclined not to include any ivy in the handful you put in as the starter. In general medium sized leaves, long grasses, etc. are best.

    Good luck. I hope you get a tenant soon.


    Sorry to hear you have a rat problem

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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