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Advice please

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    We used to have hedgehogs some years ago, nosily scurrying around in the courtyard by the door. Haven’t seen/heard them for years. 🙁 Would LOVE to have them back (if there are still any in our area – not many others on your hedgehog map near us). Have made sure there’s still plenty of access in/out of the garden. Unfortunately we can’t put cat/dogfood out as we’ve seen rats in the garden (are there alternatives that wouldn’t encourage rats please?). My question is, if we buy/make a hedgehog house, will this be taken over by the rats? Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Craic

    First of all, do you feed the birds, because that is more likely to attract any rats, initially, than the hog food is.

    Some rats aren’t at all interested in cat food – especially wet cat food. Some will take kitten/cat biscuits, but I’m not sure whether they actually eat them or cache them. But one rat I had here went within about a foot of a bowl of kitten biscuits and then backed away. So if you don’t have a problem with cats, I would try cat/dog food.

    Sadly, it’s possible the rats might take over a hog box.

    More information from previous posts about rats:


    Hi Nic,
    Yes, we do feed birds – all year round as we’re bird/nature lovers too, and many struggle, even in spring/summer. They need all the help they can get too. I’ve found and read more forum messages on rats and hogs now (am a new forum member). Thanks for the link. I don’t think my partner will want to go to the lengths of large trays etc, and I’ve already filled in loads of bolt-holes (which keep re-appearing).

    Have since found out that the mains sewer feed in our garden is an old Victoriran(?) one that has had it’s ‘u-bend’ (which should prevent rats coming up from main sewer) blocked off at some time in the past… I’ll need to approach the council(?) about this as it’s shared with our neighbour. Am hoping they can help as it’s right next to the house…

    Is a camera the only way to monitor if we still have hogs visiting? I’m thinking of doing a small flyer to post round to neighbours to encorage more hedgehog highways etc, although we are semi-rural here. It’s SO sad to think our hogs are on the RED list!

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    Hi Craic

    I think it’s the water authority who deal with the sewers, but if it’s sub-standard, hopefully they’ll do something about it.

    You can also monitor with footprint tunnels
    Although probably not as much fun as video!

    Sounds great trying to encourage more hog highways, etc. Good luck. Hope you get a good response.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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