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BHPS Twitter. Petition re. A24 Trap – Please sign

Home Forums Champions’ chat BHPS Twitter. Petition re. A24 Trap – Please sign

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    Two people can sign from the same email address.

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    Please remember to sign everyone who hasn’t yet. The hedgehogs really need our help on this.

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    If you signed a similar Petition before May last year, please sign again. That Petition was cancelled due to the General Election in 2017

    If you signed this year, it is the current petition, but please keep sharing information about this.

    Remember 2 can sign from 1 email and the signature confirmation that you need to click on may be in your junk folder.

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    Please keep signing and sharing. Time is running out to reach the 100,000 needed to have this debated in parliament. It would be fantastic if we could reach over that amount. The more people sign the greater impact it will have on the powers that be to do something about the hedgehog killing trap.


    Thanks Nic, didn’t realise 2 could sign on the same email address. My parents wanted to sign. Did the thunderclap too (sounds rude but isn’t !).

    Let’s hope today we can make some headway into the 100,000 signatures required for debate. By signing you are supporting the right for a discussion in parliament about these traps. PLEASE SIGN.

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    Hi Nic,

    I have tried to sign twice on the same email address, the second time for my mum who doesn’t have an email address, but I receive a message saying that the email has already been used and it won’t let me sign again so is there a knack to how you do this?

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    Hi Hogmeister

    I’m not sure. I haven’t tried it, but BHPS say you can. I wonder if it is if you use the same address. Did you use a different postcode? Let us know if it does work, ie. with same postcode. Otherwise maybe you could open a new email for her. Very easy to open, for instance, google emails. She doesn’t have to use it, but it might be useful for other petitions she might want to sign. Or voting for other things.


    I used the same email twice – for me and my mum different postcodes though


    Hi Wildlifehaven

    I tried different post codes but it still says its a duplicate email and won’t accept the second signature.

    However I have taken Nic’s advice and set up an email address for my mum so she has now signed up to the petition.

    I did try and find info on how people without email addresses (as not everyone has one like my mum) can sign these petitions but it seems that email is the only option.

    Good to see we are still roughly adding 1,000 signatures a day but still a long way to go so please all keep signing and passing on the word to others to also sign THE HOGS REALLY NEED OUR HELP.

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    Hi Hogmeister

    That is strange. I wonder whether it has anything to do with whether you sign two in quick succession or whether there is a gap in time. Still at least she was able to sign in the end.

    Unfortunately there have been two days in a row with under 600. I worked out over two weeks ago that at that time we needed an average of over 1,019 every day for the rest of the time. It will be more than that now. I was really hoping that there would be a really good boost from the Thunderclap, but that hasn’t happened so far. I don’t really know how these things work, so maybe it still might.

    The hogs really need everyone registered on Hedgehog Street to sign and get as many other people as they can to vote too.



    Hi All

    The rate of signatures seem to be slowing so we need to get the message out there more everyone.

    I have put a post about these traps on our local online community forum. I put this on yesterday afternoon and in the 24 hours since it has had 84 views but, more importantly, we now have 5 more signatures on the petiton in my area in the same period. I have no way of checking how many of the 84 people who have seen my post have signed the petition as a result but it would seem fair to say that this seems more than coincidence so the more we can bring this to peoples attention the more signatures we will hopefully get.

    I have also contacted our local Wildlife Trust and a local animal rescue centre which does a lot of work for hogs but if anyone else has any ideas on who else to contact/other ways we can get the message out there happy to hear your ideas.

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    That’s brilliant, Hogmeister. That’s what we need, for everyone to get 5 or 6 people to sign. It shouldn’t be too difficult. I always think word of mouth is most reliable, because you can explain the matter to people. It isn’t that easy to understand, I don’t feel, only from the wording on the petition.

    Good places to put posters are local shops and pet shops. Try to get the people who work there on board so that they can encourage others when you aren’t there. Posters can be downloaded from BHPS or Penny did an updated one for this year if you scroll down on the following you will find it.
    ‘Hedgehogs need your help in 2018’ from which, hopefully, people who signed last year will realise it is a new petition and that they need to sign again.

    Also if you are going to a big organisation, such as a hospital, you could ask them to put a poster up in their staff room. Keep a supply of posters with you, so if you think of somewhere else, you have some to hand. Just tell everyone about it, on the bus, in the supermarket queue, etc. Have a bundle of the small black and white posters (available from BHPS site) to hand out. Try to write the link on it to make it easier for people to get the right petition.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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