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Concerns over hoggy potentially hibernating in plastic feeding station

Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog Concerns over hoggy potentially hibernating in plastic feeding station

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    Hi, first post here… We’ve had a hog visiting a feeding station (made out of a plastic storage box) at the front of our house, in a culdesac, for the past few months. This morning (8am), I was surprised to see a hog still in the station… It’s motionless, between the side of the box and the brick baffles put in to stop foxes eating the food. The newspaper on the bottom of the station is quite wet – hopefully just because the hoggy got wet prior to entry, and the rainwater has dripped off during the night. The hog is a decent size (doesn’t look like a juvenile). It’s motionless and making no sound, so potentially hibernating rather than sleeping – hopefully not dead :(. It managed to get past the baffles, but we have a minor concern it may have got stuck and perished (although if it got in, surely it could get back out?)
    We’re not really sure what to do because it’s not an ideal hibernation place. Whilst the box is tucked in a corner at the side of our house, the plastic is relatively clear so won’t protect from light during the day, and the road at the front of the house often has cars driving past so it’s not particularly peaceful. There doesn’t appear to be any nesting material in the box. We’re not planning to disturb or move it until we’ve had advice from somebody more in the know.


    You need to investigate further. It may have been motionless as you disturbed it – hogs danger reaction is to freeze/curl up
    It will not be hibernating in your box. In order to hibernate they make nests called hiberniculum – you can read more about this on the info section on this site or the BHPS site.
    If it had just frozen then it may have left while you’ve been waiting for a reply. If it hasn’t left then I suggest you contact your nearest carer – the number is on this page as it may well need help


    Thanks, I think it must have been sleeping / sheltering in there as according to my partner who is working from home, it was still there around 1.5 hours later but has apparently moved position slightly.

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    Hi Warfield HogFather

    Hogs do sometimes spend the day in feed boxes, but the ones that have done so here have been in wooden boxes rather than clear plastic ones.

    If you are concerned about the hog (which it sounds as if you are) it would be best to do as Stef suggests and speak to a hog carer and take their advice. You can explain the situation to them in more detail and they can ask appropriate questions, etc. You can get details of your nearest ones from BHPS on 01584 890801

    Good luck.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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