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Hedgehog has now moved into the house we made

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Hedgehog has now moved into the house we made

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    Hi Stef
    I have just ordered that hedgehog house you recommended, looks really excellent. Looking forward to getting it but wondering how to change over from my old one as the hog is in there by day. Any advice from anyone about this please.

    Maybe Nic can advise me please.

    Regards Elsie.


    @stef Do those slate roofed Hog Houses stay nice and dry inside please?



    Hi ElsieD

    Good to hear you’ve got one of those hog houses Stef recommended. Look forward to hearing how you get on with it. Stef could probably advise you even better than me, but these are my feelings about it.

    I think you are going to have to wait until the hog decides to move itself. If you tried to physically move it, it might just leave completely. It’s always best not to disturb them when they’re in a nest. It’s just possible it could be a female with young, too. It seems way too early for that, but it’s been such a funny winter – weatherwise. But later on disturbing a female with very young could cause her to desert the young, etc.

    Is there any chance you can put the new house not too far away, so that when the hog decides to move it might be its first choice – they do tend to change nests from time to time – possibly to avoid parasites, apart from anything else. I know space can sometimes be a problem. But if you have room for two houses, that would be ideal. Then when the hog vacates the first one it can be cleaned out for potential re-use. (sterilise using boiling water to kill parasite eggs, etc. – not chemicals). You might even end up with two houses occupied! Good luck.


    Hi Nic,

    we have very limited space so I am going to have to think about it for a while I think. Maybe I will wait until the hog vacates the present one. I will just keep an eye out to see if that happens. The one it is in is ok for a while anyway. I will store my new one until I can put it in the old one’s place.

    That seems my best bet. We are expecting the new one to be delivered today according to the seller. Thanks for your advice.

    Regards Elsie.


    Sorry just seen this. Yes even several years later


    I agree with Nic, never try to move a hog from one residence to another – they will always be annoyed!
    Best to let him move by himself – perhaps put them side by side?


    We received the hog house on Friday, late afternoon. Well impressed with the service considering I ordered it on Wednesday and it was coming all the way from Wigan to west Cornwall. Anyway, it is really impressive, very well made and looks like it will be completely waterproof. I will have to wait and put it out in a few weeks once I have bought some hay for bedding. I cannot put it by the side of the other one as there is no room but I may be able to put it nearby so the hog will notice it. We will just have to wait and see what happens then. As I said my garden is very limited for space, it is a wonder our visiting hog decided to make his nest as it is right up next to our back door being the only space we could waterproof and make available for our makeshift house. I will keep you posted as to what happens, thanks for the advice Nic and Stef. Regards, Elsie.


    Hi, update, hedgehog has now moved into the new house we bought and filled with hay. Took a few nights but now safely esconced and tucked up snug. Was careful to not disturb when I checked just now so no problem. Very pleased with the new house, much better than our makeshift one though the hog lived in it for several weeks. Obviously prefers the new des res haha.

    Would definitely recommend these houses very well made.

    Regards Elsie.


    Wonderful, really pleased for you. Happy hog watching



    That’s brilliant, Elsie D. Glad to hear it worked out so well.


    Hi, Nic, I have now removed the old one, it was very damp inside but now our little hog is in a lovely cosy nest with lots of nice dry hay for its bed. Very pleased with how it worked out. We managed to put the new one by the side of the old one so it couldn’t really resist. Cheers to you Stef for recommending these houses.
    Can I just ask something else, I want to put my own password in for access to here but every time I try it doesn’t seem to register and I have to have them send me a new one. Trouble is they are far too complicated for me to remember, just want my own easy one. I must be doing something wrong I suppose but don’t know what. I follow the correct procedure but it just doesn’t work. Help. Regards Elsie.



    Hi Elsie

    Sounds as if that all happened brilliantly and just in time if the old one was damp inside – how could the hog resist the new des res.

    Re. the password. I’m not very good at computer stuff myself, but just looked up this link
    This was from when the site was updated, so it won’t all apply, but it says:
    (I think this is the bit that might be relevant)

    Decide on your new password (it will suggest one, but you can change it to something more memorable)

    I think you go to my profile page and click edit my profile then you should be able to change the password as it says above.

    Hope it works. I didn’t dare try to change mine to test it, in case I lost my current password completely and ended up with the same problem as you!

    Good luck.



    P.S. ‘My Profile’ is accessed from the menu on the left hand side. You have to be signed in to access it, of course.


    Hi Nic, I contact them here and Katie replied to me. She also gave me the instructions which I had followed previously and it didn’t work but I tried yet again and this time it seems to have worked so I think all is well. Just hoping it won’t stop working as it did before but we will see.
    Cheers for your help Elsie.



    Fingers crossed it continues working o.k.

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