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hedgehog with splayed back legs

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    Sorry, Simbo – I miss read your post.. I thought you meant neither of you were happy about taking it to Brent Lodge – no, that’s great if it’s your Vet’s preferred contact.

    Hope your regulars revisit soon.. they might just be holed up until it starts to cool down, perhaps..? ( Must admit, since the temperature’s rocketed, I’m leaving out even more water feeders & topping them up morning & night ) haven’t seen as much activity from our regulars lately, either – so it could just be that – plus I’m not feeding as regularly.. two fox cubs have taken a shine to the feeder & one of them has actually managed to get in the thing..!! Despite the perfectly Hog sized hole..!! So I’ve taken to keeping the borders well watered, encourage the bugs & help keep the ground soft for easy digging!

    Well, offer still stands if you need, Simbo – I’m in Surrey, but get down to W.Sussex very regularly – usually just along the road from Bognor, but spent many a happy day on Littlehampton Beach!!


    Hi Puds, The little hedgehog who is named Cutiepie by the little boy who saw him in the garden before I rescued him, is doing well Still getting treatment and weighing in at 164 grams. According to what I have read he is probably about 4 weeks old, should still be with mum and isn’t weaned yet. When he is better he will be off to Brent Lodge. The vet nurse has fallen in love with him and looking after him really well.
    I have said that if Brent Lodge would like him to be released back here when he is big enough I would pick him up.
    I don’t hold much hope for the other hoglets that were seen before this but will keep looking out for them.
    The fox cubs are a pain when they get into the feeding station but they are so lovely too. I like all wildlife but we don’t encourage the foxes.
    If it wasn’t for humans taking away all their natural habitat I am sure all the animals would get on just fine as there would be natural habitat and food for all.
    What a world!


    Hello folks – yes our hedgehog with “splayed back legs” is paying us very occasional and fleeting visits. We have studied the photos very carefully and don’t think this is the same hog as before. The previous one had difficulty walking and there was a nodule on her back foot. Both back feet looked swollen as well.
    The current visitor has no nodules and the back feet don’t appear to be swollen. She moves quite quickly and can run, but does tend to rock over when she scratches (which she does a lot!).
    She eats and drinks well and forages but is not staying too long. The previous one stayed for hours. So either it’s another hedgehog or a miraculous recovery of the original one! We will continue to keep a careful eye on her. Thanks for your concern.


    From the sounds of what you are describing this is almost certainly a different hog. Your first hog has probably died
    I cannot stress strongly enough that you should catch this one and get it checked by someone who knows what they are looking at. The disruption to the hog will be minimal if that is what is worrying you


    Defo, echoing Stef there, Marion –

    If you get a chance, do try to get a hold of your little visitor & get them to your local Wildlife Vet – Our fella was in for a week, antibiotics & full health check – came ‘Home’ & carried on like he’d never been away!

    One trick from experience, but I’m sure you’re aware ( newspaper, fleece in a box with some dry food, thick gloves at the ready..! ) catching the Hogs at night, torch light seems to freeze them to the spot just long enough for you to quite casually pick them up without alarming them

    Ours seem to have been very chilled, happily snacking in the box & burrowing under the paper to sleep – but always best to get them checked over properly for any other possible infection..

    Good Luck !

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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