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Hugh's Highway Petition

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    I have signed Hughs petition which is now up to 280,000 signatures – amazing!

    Lets get this up to 300,000 all and see how far beyond this figure we can get too – half a million sounds good to me :}

    I have also signed the petition about slug pellets which is only at 9.000 signatures so please sign this too. Our hogs need all the help they can get.


    Great response to this petition its now up to 290,000 signatures so a further 10,000 signatures in 24 hours – fantastic.

    Lets keep spreading the word Hog Champs 🙂


    I took a walk today and this is the scene of total devastation as far as you can see, just two miles up the road. In recent years buzzards had moved in and occasionally, if you were lucky enough, you would catch a glimpse of them perched on top of the trees and hedgerows on your way into town. The trees have now been ripped up and the hedgerows replaced with metal railings as work gets underway on over 1000 new homes on prime greenbelt land; unsurprisingly the buzzards and other birds are now nowhere to be seen. 🙁 🙁 🙁


    Looks like Theresa May is still not happy with the speed at which they are ‘paving paradise’ either! Something needs to happen on the wildlife manifesto front to make sure legislation and protection of wildlife are at the forefront of such decisions and where they aren’t – then any development should be halted, and in some cases possibly reversed.
    I think forward 20 years and can already hear the excuses from the same decision makers, now retired on fat pensions, and their positioning of blame and deflection of accountability for the loss of our precious wildlife – but the truth is, it wont matter by then, it will be too late!
    I’ve signed all the wildlife petitions I can see on this and I’ve sat in front of local councils and developers and our local MP (difficult to summarise how those discussions went in less than 2000 words!) – and will continue to do so as such things arise – but I do feel its falling on deaf ears and taking too long to get voices heard and in the meantime they are ramping up on the destruction.
    Sorry – Monday morning rant!
    Where do we go with all this – is my next question?


    Well said Jan-Marie and I was just about to apologise for my rant. The thing is, the scale of the destruction didn’t hit me until I actually stood there with the camera. Then as I travelled further up the road I could almost have shed a tear for the poor displaced pheasant calling from beneath the few trees that are left in a factory car park next to a newly built discount supermarket. If this was just a one off then it wouldn’t be so bad, but the same scale of development is being repeated just a few more miles down the road in every direction. Like you say, the ones responsible for the reckless relaxation of the planning laws and wildlife destruction on an industrial scale will never be held accountable. How dare we lecture other countries on the destruction of their precious rain forests and endangered species, whilst we are busy obliterating our own on our doorsteps.

    Oooops!…sorry for the second rant!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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