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I have hoglets

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    It was a lovely evening last night so we took the opportunity to sit out. Dusk was approaching so we were contemplating going in before the hogs came out, when a mum appeared with her two hoglets – I was so chuffed! I’ve had to take to scattering food around again as I’ve had a rat visitor taking food from the hog’s food dish, but mum was tucking in to what was there while being constantly pestered by the youngsters.

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    Hi DonomiTTe

    Wow! Lucky you having hoglets visiting! I always think that’s the best way to watch hedgehogs, just sitting quietly so they don’t even know you’re there. Magical creatures!

    I have found here, that the hogs are quite happy with the food scattered on the lawn and eat that in favour of a bowl of food in a hog house. I seem to get mostly males here and it also gives some of the more submissive ones a chance to sneak in at the edges and get some food before they get spotted and rolled up!

    I hope the hoglets there (and Mum) do well and continue to keep you entertained. Happy hog watching!


    Just an update. My little ones seem to be thriving, I have three as far as I know.

    I went on holiday and was apprehensive about leaving them in my in-laws hands but, when I returned home on Thursday evening, all three came out and I managed to get a lovely video of two of them (one had disappeared by the time I’d run in the house for my phone). It was a lovely evening last night so we sat out to watch and saw the three youngsters early on, then two adults when it was more or less dark. The rat was out with the adults, but everyone managed to get something to eat so I’m very happy!

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    Hi DolomiTTe

    That’s really good news that the youngsters are doing well. What a treat having hoglets to watch! They are so endearing. I hope all continues to go well for them.


    One of my youngsters was curled up on my drive when I got home from work earlier in the week. I was obviously concerned as it was just after 5pm and it was very warm and sunny. I picked ‘bramble’ up (it was under a bramble) and popped it in a cat carrier with hay, food and water. It eventually uncurled and had a bit of food and a drink so I could have a good look at it. I kept an eye on it until dusk, and my others were due out, then took the carrier out into the garden. Bramble was very alert, bright eyed, and wanting to get out, so I released it in the feeding area, knowing that it had been fed and watered and wasn’t injured.

    I arrived home from work yesterday and my next door neighbour said “I saw one of your hedgehogs today, I nearly ran over it over there!” He didn’t know what to do, so picked it up in a towel and put in some undergrowth on my drive. It had gone when he checked later. I’m now thinking that I perhaps shouldn’t have let Bramble go, but it really did look healthy. I’ve been on hog-alert all day with not being at work over the weekend, and have been checking my drive regularly, but not seen anything. I’m kicking myself, I really hope Bramble is ok.

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    Hi DolomeTTe

    Sorry to hear about Bramble. I hope you manage to find him/her. The trouble with hogs is, even if they are unwell, they will do their very best not to appear unwell, until they really can’t help it. It is a survival instinct of wild animals to try to avoid being predated. So if you find one out in the open, as you did, it’s always best to get it checked by an experienced hog carer/rehabilitator. They can have underlying problems such as internal parasites, still be dehydrated, despite having had a drink, etc. which can often not be noticeable just by looking at them. So, another time, do what you did and put the hog in a container with food and water and then contact a hog carer. You can get contact details by ringing 01584 890801 if you don’t have details of one already.

    Fingers crossed you find the little one. Don’t beat yourself up too much about it – you tried to help the hoglet. Life is full of lessons, some of them harder than others. Next time you will know better what to do, but hopefully, by writing about this on the Forum, you will also help others know what to do in a similar situation. So thanks for posting about it.

    Good luck, to you and the hog family. Let us know how they all progress.


    Thanks Nic x


    I found a young hog, curled up in full sun on my drive again when I arrived home from work today. It was in exactly the same place I found Bramble, so I’m wondering if it’s possibly the same one.

    I’ve just got back from dropping him off at a rescue that someone put me in touch with tonight. She said that on first inspection, he looked quite healthy, no flystrike or ticks, just slightly underweight. She’s going to test for parasites as soon as he’s done a poo and keep me updated. If all goes well, she’ll let me have him back when he’s put some weight on and is healthy. I’ve got my fingers crossed for him.

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    Hi DolomiTTe

    Well done! It would be hard to be sure, but maybe the same one.

    Lying in the sun would be a strange thing to do unless the hog had something wrong with it, but it’s in the right place to find out what that might be. Fingers crossed the little hog does ok and is soon back home with you safe and sound. Let us know how it gets on.

    Good luck.


    I’ve heard back from the hedgehog lady this afternoon, (her message is below), not quite the news I was hoping for, but I’ve got my fingers crossed he pulls through. I’ll update the thread when I hear more.

    “Hi love I have 💩sample and bramble is v poorly so it is a good job you got him in
    He has a grt deal of cap eggs and also full of round worm and a lot of lungworm
    🤞he is now on treatment and antibiotics and sun fluids”

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    Hi DolomiTTe

    Sending positive thoughts to little Bramble. I hope the ‘rescue’ will be able to work their magic for him.


    The hedgehog lady WhatsApp’d me a photo of Bramble last night, as he’d just come out for food. He’s on his antibiotics but hasn’t gained any weight yet. She’s hoping he puts some on over the weekend and will keep me updated. I’m going to post a donation through her door tomorrow morning towards his treatment.


    I posted my donation through her letterbox this morning and also left some Spikes semi-moist hedgehog food in a bag on her doorstep, which is what Bramble is used to being fed on in my garden. She messaged me this afternoon to say that he’s already been tucking in to it, so fingers crossed he starts putting weight on.


    A quick update. I had a message from the rescue lady to say that Bramble is almost ready to come home. We were hoping that he’d reach his target weight over the weekend, but it looks like it’s going to be one day this week now. I’ll let you know how it goes when I get him back.


    I had a message this morning to say that Bramble is ready to come home, so I’m collecting him after work tomorrow and will release him in my garden. I haven’t seen my other hogs for a couple of weeks so hope everything is ok out there. I’ll update when I’ve released him, I’m nervous and excited at the same time!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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