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Mutant Rampaging Hedgehogs!

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    Hi Penny

    That video is absolutely hilarious!

    There has been a fair bit of bad behaviour here too. The first night one of the returners was here, he hurtled into poor hoglet, who had been walking down the path, not even considering there might actually be other hogs in ‘his’ terrain. Hoglet didn’t realise he was supposed to roll up, either, and resisted for quite a while. Hoglet is actually quite big now – I really must give him a proper name!

    Then the other night one of the hogs was unceremoniously ejected from one of the hog houses, complete with a layer of leaves.

    The only unfortunate thing is that it is going to be difficult encouraging them to turn up earlier because hoglet has got used to having his food available all night. He has got used to kitten biscuits, which rats aren’t so keen on, I don’t think, but the other hogs prefer hog food. It will probably work itself out when the weather gets a bit warmer and there is more wild food around.

    I was worried about the boys, too. They were much later returning than last year. Now just have the wait for a few weeks until the females return too – I hope. I was worried about some of them as they disappeared a bit too early for hibernation, but maybe it was just because any hoglets they had, had ‘left home’ already.


    Hi Penny, I’m amazed the crock pot survived, wow they were feisty. I’m also amazed how they managed to cram in. The hoggies are a determined bunch, those that worry about cats shouldn’t – I don’t think much would get between a boy and his food! Mind you if they argue like that over dinner, when the ladies arrive it must be carnage!


    Hi Nic, Nina,

    Sounds like hoglet got a bit of a rude awakening, he’ll need to toughen up sharpish if the hooligans around here are anything to go by. I’m beginning to wonder if the main culprit could be young Ben, he was certainly throwing his weight around as a juvenile. I just hope that there are a few more females turn up this year, or their behaviour could get even worse.

    Well, I’ve managed to put a stop to their house removals and the hedgehog pot is now well and truly wedged between two plant pots. It is a very substantial pot, so just out of curiosity I decided to put it on the scales and would you believe it, it weighs in at over 4.5 kilograms, not bad going for a hog of around a kilogram or thereabouts. Perhaps we should add weight lifting to their list of many talents… Better check those cat biscuits for added steroids!


    Those little beggars have been at it again! I was about to report on how overjoyed I was at the return of young Nagini, but things have taken a rather sinister turn. As I exited the house this morning to retrieve the trail cam, I was greeted by clumps of hedgehog hair all over the doorstep and up the door! No need to worry, at least any bad behaviour will have been captured on video. With freshly charged batteries and a clean memory card there should be no reason for any mechanical breakdowns, so with great trepidation, I uploaded last night’s footage… how wrong I was! Would you believe it, the camera had only mysteriously switched from video to photo mode, so the only evidence of last night’s mayhem is a few blurry shots of hogs and the ‘cat from hell’ fleeing the scene of the crime. Goodness only knows what went off, but with light and dark shades of hair on the door mat and one hog measuring in at over 6 1/2” inches tall, it’s entirely possible that some of it could be feline…another one for the X files!!!

    Anyway, as I was saying, I have finally been able to positively identify Nagini, she has lost some weight, but otherwise looks to be in good health and is already attracting a lot of interest from the boys…

    Hedgehogs On The Doorstep


    Panic over…phew! Now I have had the chance to reassess the crime scene, it appears that it is the birds that are responsible for the hairy mess. In a bid to prevent them from raiding my basket liners for building material, I had placed a container full of horse hair on the wall and it is this which now litters the floor. Somehow I can’t see them being responsible for sabotaging the camera though… 🙂


    Hi Penny

    I have just written this out once and the robot thing didn’t work and then I found everything I’d written had disappeared! grr. Will try to remember what I said.

    That’s a relief, I’d hate to think it might have been hog fur. Your camera sounds a bit like mine, that has happened to me before when I was sure I had left it on video.

    I had a funny clip recently when it looked as if two hogs were trying to get past each other in the ‘entrance hall’ of one of the hog boxes. I think they must have been last years hoglets.

    Only one, what I think is a female back so far. An early hoglet from last year, she has been seen sharing a bowl with one of the big boys. I seem to remember she was a bit precocious last year and had one chap pursuing her when she was really quite small. Glad to hear Nagini is safely back.

    None of the older girls is back here yet. I was a bit worried last year that a couple of them disappeared a bit early for hibernation, so await with slight trepidation. Then I always hope that dear old Digger will live to see another year.

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)

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