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Sightings so far.

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Sightings so far.

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    Have had quite a lot of activity over the last week or so. Really hilarious confrontation last night when one was at the feed station and another tried to muscle in. The smaller one stood his ground and the interloper retreated but shortly came back. After some more pushing and shoving the larger one finally gave up and left. Damn sight more entertaining than the television that’s for sure. Stay safe everyone as our prickly friends need us.

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    Hi ronnyd

    Glad to hear there are hogs back there. Yes, there are sometimes small and mighty hogs, but I agree it does look hilarious. Although I sometimes feel a bit sorry for the gentle giants.

    There’s been a lot of ‘misbehaving’ here too. But the one who seems to be the boss hog here at the moment is a bit of a whopper. There has been much pushing and shoving, rolling into water bowls, etc. He seems to be a bit tyrranical but still looks really cute – as long as there are no other boys around, then this look comes on his face and off he goes again!

    I agree with your sentiments. Hope you and everyone stays safe, too.


    Short video on Harvey’s latest exploits etc

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    Hi alanfrew

    Brilliant! It always looks more dramatic when there’s a step to fall down – poor hog. Hopefully sufficiently cushioned by his spines.

    I wonder if Harvey will ever realise – they aren’t interested! Are those two some of the hoglets? Obviously much more interested in the food than they are in Harvey!


    Hi Nic, you can see that where the rolled up hog finishes is right at the top sleeper of four such steps. Had they been pushed that bit more it would have been an uncomfortable decent to the bottom some 3ft below.

    I almost feel sorry for Harvey, he is trying so hard, but as you say the hoglets are only interested in their snacks. Not sure about the hoglets, I have lost track of who is who and where they are sleeping.
    Using one of the cameras I have recently tracked yet another path where the hogs go down to the water butt, down the side of the property, under a wooden ‘barrier’ and through a fence to next doors garden (which is over 2 acres). So I now know there are (at least) hedgehog highways on three different fences leading to three different gardens. They do get around !


    Great footage as always!
    Poor Harvey. I hope his luck changes soon. I wonder if he is the previous daddy of any of last years hoglets.
    Had a bit of biffing around a food station last night. Two large males but not Big Leg who has hopefully just gone wandering again. I worry when he disappears.
    Take care in these strange times.

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    Hi simbo65

    Don’t worry too much if Big Leg disappears. The males often move on elsewhere. If they didn’t there would be a lot of interbreeding. so it’s a natural thing to do. Sometimes when they move on, they make their way back occasionally, especially younger ones. You’ve given him a good chance, whatever happens. Fingers crossed for him.


    Harvey is at least persistent if nothing else. But now he has a rival which he has to see off in the normal hedgehog manner. Not that it does him any good of course. Persistent Harvey sees of rival.


    Yes I know. He came back last night for some food and a sleepover with his friend. Two large males but no problems sleeping in the same house.
    I think he has another nest somewhere just so pleased he is behaving normally.
    He looks very ungainly but is getting around so fingers crossed for him. Just need Siili to appear now.


    Harvey must be exhausted. If at first you don’t succeed try and try and try and try and try again!

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    Hi alanfrew

    If that was Harvey, I’m not sure that rolling over whilst scratching will do much for his street cred.! Could almost see the little one laughing!

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    Hi simbo65

    Glad to hear Big Leg has paid a visit and is getting around well.

    I’m still hoping for, but not expecting Siili to return. If she is hibernating it would only have started 3/4 into January, so I wouldn’t expect her to return yet. If she returns, there will be great rejoicing!


    Fingers crossed!


    Hi Nic, I don’t think the one that fell over while scratching was Harvey, but I just had to include it in the video 😀

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    I thought it looked a bit different. So Harvey’s credibility is safe – in that respect, at least!

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