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Big surprise this morning.

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Big surprise this morning.

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    I had been concerned over one of our hedgehog visitors who has been seen wandering around quite early in the afternoon i.e. from 16:00 or so. Today I think the reason for this behaviour has come to light. We have 3 hedgehog houses and a feeding station around the garden. I also have 3 Trail cameras which are positioned around the houses/station. One of the cameras (which is not good at night vision) was placed in front of the original house at the back of the garden. As I was clicking through the forty odd clips from the night I came across a number of captures which showed the said hedgehog moving her family into the old house. It was absolutely fascinating to watch, but my immediate concern then was whether these youngsters would be ok given the time of year. Contacted Brent Lodge Hospital and they said as long as Mum is around should be ok, but if she disappears then I will need to take action. So for now all is good and I will make sure a supply of Hedgehog nibbles and Calci worms are available. Video of above is on YouTube here if of interest.


    OMG- What a beautiful video!! It was so emotional to watch.
    You are so lucky to have such a good mummy looking after her babies. Lets hope she continues to do a good job. Obviously any supplementary feeding will give mum a great chance to do her job.
    Where are you in the country? Brent Lodge is about a 45 minute drive from me. I am between Worthing and Littlehampton.
    I wish you all the luck in the world with your beautiful babies.
    Pleaassseeee keep us posted of developments.
    Thank you for the video.


    Hi, thanks for the comments. I am just outside Funtington so Brent Lodge is not too far away either. I have moved a feed station nearer to the Hog house in question and set up 2 cameras near by. Will be keeping a close look on things and hope that the little ones grow enough over the next few weeks.


    Last night mother and kids came out for a while. Only saw 3 of the 5 though. Hope Mom is looking after the other two smaller siblings.
    Video here

    Avatar photo

    Hi alanfrew

    Delightful video! I’m fairly sure I I saw at least 4 of them. Two of them looked as if they may have been self annointing, briefly. I hope mother hog stays with them until they are a bit bigger. But at least you are ready to step in if necessary.


    They are so adorable and keeping everything crossed for all of them and great you are there monitoring it all. Fantastic to see them all foraging too.
    Good luck
    AND MORE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!


    Ok, last night four of the hoglets are to be seen getting used to their surroundings and learning for forage. Not sure where number 5 is but one was very very small, so hope Mum is on the case. What I loved about this video was the little hoglet grabbing some extra nest material !!!
    Sorry its about 4mins but couldn’t cut it down any further. Here is the summary of last night:

    Avatar photo

    Lovely video again! It’s never to early to learn how to build a nest! Looked like a bit more self annointing as well. You are so lucky to have this brilliant view of them all.


    What a treat to see your videos, they just can’t be too long for me!
    Thank you for sharing!


    Mom out early last night. Think all the kids can be seen. However, early this morning and unwelcome visitor. Dread to think what would happen if they were out and about at the time this happened.


    Fairly quiet last night, Mum out early again and seen around the garden quite a bit. Three of the kids seen out and about early on and then again early morning. At around 05:29 one of the hoglets tries to get back home but Mum is blocking the corridor looking out for them, so the little one decides to climb over her lol. At around 05:43 Mum is seen herding the last one back home, and then I assume getting some much needed sleep.


    Really adorable little creatures 🤗 great video!
    OMG! I’d have sleepless nights if I thought I’d got a fox visiting 😱
    Keeping everything crossed that the little hogs don’t have a confrontation!
    Best wishes x


    I am a huge fan of your gorgeous little family of hogs. Mum looks like she is doing an amazing job.
    Loving the videos. What camera do you use? We have 3 but none as clear as that. They are probably lower end but I get up in the morning, make coffee and trawl through the footage. Loads of mice these days. Bit thin on the ground with hogs here but will keep going in the hope that in some small way it’s helping them.


    Hi Simbo65, Mum is indeed doing a great job, and I can start to see the little one’s getting bigger and more adventurous. While most of the time they stay within a few feet of home, I spotted the biggest one about 5yds away.
    Regarding cameras I have had my up’s and down’s with them over the last year or so.
    All 3 cameras I have around the garden cost between £64 – £87 and bought through Amazon. The most expensive (Ereagle) is actually the worst when it comes to night vision while the other two (Aucee and Apeman) are about the same. I think most of these Trail cameras are designed to be used where the subject is several yds away rather than a few feet. A consideration then in choosing a camera is to get one with a very wide angle lens which increases the depth of field and the area captured so that the images are in good focus. The cameras don’t specify their focal length but the two ‘good’ cameras I have are around 130deg while the poorer one is 120deg field of view. All the clips taken of the hoglets are from the same camera (16mp Aucee).


    Hi Alan,
    Thanks for that. We have an Apeman and that is my favourire. We also have a Crenova, which broke but has now been replaced. It takes very close up pictures so might try that one for a bigger overview of the garden.
    I couldn’t be without them now.
    Sadly had to take a big adult HH to vet today and he will be having his back leg amputated. I am gutted!
    I will be ringing Brent Lodge to see if they can care for him over the winter as this is the BHPS advice. I really hope they have room for him.
    Hope your little family are all doing well.

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