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Big surprise this morning.

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Big surprise this morning.

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    Hi Simbo65, sorry to hear about your injured Hog. We took an injured bird to Brent Lodge a few months ago and they are very good so hopefully all will end well.


    Last nights antics. The hoglets are getting more confident and travelling further from their home, but Mum is still keeping a sturdy eye on them once she gets back from her own travels.


    Hoglets world continues to expand. Mom still keeping a bleary eye on them as they stay out late (after 07:00am).


    Such lovely videos, thank you for sharing regular updates.

    The hoglets are looking much steadier on their feet now and getting more adventurous. I feel for poor mum though trying to rest and getting trampled by the kids!


    Great footage. Poor old mum, she can’t get any rest.
    I wonder if it’s the same hoglet that keeps replenishing the nest- amazing to see nature at work.
    Are there still 5 of them?


    Hi Sam1404, I can definitely see the changes over the last week, they are growing rapidly. Hoping this will continue and that they will be fit for hibernation in a few weeks time. I have placed a new house a few feet away from their current home in the hope that when they get big enough they might take up residence. Mom can’t wait !!!

    Simbo65, I suspect (but not sure) it is the same hoglet that keeps taking leaves etc back to the home and indeed last nights clip shows someone at it again. Not sure if there are still 5 around, but am fairly sure I have seen 4 in recent clips.
    Weather not good last night with severe winds and rain, tonight not looking any better. However, Mom was all over the garden last night and even seen sneaking into next doors garden through the broken fence.


    Last night saw more of Mum around the house than of late. Still keeping the kids in check, but they do run all over her. Our home builder hoglet was also doing their business . . when Mum wasn’t watching !


    Adorable- What a handful- Just love Bob the builder! So sweet he is helping mummy with the chores.
    Keep the videos coming!


    In another part of the garden, another Mom and Hoglet moving into a new home. A very industrious hoglet at that, I was exhausted just watching !


    I am now getting serious hedgehog envy!
    Do you have any more in your garden?


    Hi simbo65, there are a few adults that are still roaming around at night. I am putting out seven bowls of nibbles (with a sprinkle of Calci worms) each night in two separate feeding stations and it is just about all gone each morning. I now have five Hog houses, my original igloo type and four wooden ones as seen in the video. Only the two houses occupied at the moment but some interest is being shown in the others so I am hopeful. At least they have a choice so now its down to them !


    Activity quite quiet at the moment. Only seen two hoglets out at the same time, so hope the others are ok. Mum is still around so I will not intervene as this could only make things worse. Bit of upgrading the bedding going on with all involved. The nights are starting to get colder, I have added some hay over the top of the igloo house as the house itself must be full to the brim. Also put some hay and leaves just outside.

    As a relative newbie to hedgehogs I am unclear at what point the hoglets will be left to their own devices, and will this mean they will be kicked out of the family home to find/build their hibernation nests. I am assuming the current family would not co-habit during the hibernation period ?
    I have put a new wooden house about 2m away from the current home in the hope that it will become occupied by one of the hoglets if the need arises, but of course they may not be interested and choose somewhere else, which is also ok.


    House Nos 2 still has Mom and two hoglets on board. One of the hoglets made their first trip over the fence into next door, and made it back safely. Like House 1 some additional bedding brought in by all occupants. Mum seemed a bit upset at the end of the video, hope she let the kids back inside the warm.


    She did seem a bit grumpy but great to see the little ones exploring. Has mum been marked? Or is it the way the camera is catching the colour on her spikes?


    Lovely videos Alan, you are very lucky to have a garden full of so many gorgeous bundles of prickles. 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 76 total)

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