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Big surprise this morning.

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Big surprise this morning.

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    Hi Penny, yes at the moment it is still quite busy. All three cameras are picking up hedgehogs and hoglets near their homes and the feeding stations. Of course things will change over the next few weeks, although I will still be putting out food and water and checking the cameras for any activity. Main concern at the moment is ensuring the hoglets get through the winter. They seem to be doing well and both families still have a Mum overseeing things. I have three additional Hog houses which are vacant and I am hoping that the kids will eventually move in, but as a newbie to all this I am not sure when that might happen, and of course any adult could come along and take them, or indeed they could remain empty. At the moment just enjoying the daily ritual of collecting the SD cards and going through the clips to see what antics happened the previous night.


    Last night seemed to be much about Mum escorting the kids back home. Since the camera didn’t pick up many clips of Mom and/or Hoglets exiting the home its all a bit confusing. They certainly ventured out a long way last night having been spotted at the main feeding station some 30m away.


    Hi simbo65, we have a number of adult hedgehogs pass through which I am sure have been marked, although not by me. We have some with black ‘V’ marks, lines and other shapes which look like someone has aerosoled them. Not something I agree with, but I have no idea who would have done it either.


    House nos 2 and Mum in a better mood than yesterday. Some serious stretching by the kids in order to get through the hole in the fence and into next doors garden.

    Avatar photo

    It looks to me as if both Mother hogs have been marked. It’s possible that’s why the hoglets were self annointing on earlier videos. Let’s hope that whoever did the marking doesn’t get their hands on the hoglets.

    Oh no, just noticed one hoglet looks as if it may already have been marked – unless it rubbed off from Mother, but seems unlikely.

    Lovely videos. You’re so lucky, alanfrew! It looks a lovely place for them.


    Interesting to see the hoglets are becoming even braver – they also seem to be practicing the ‘biffing’ technique on each other already!

    Is it worth asking your neighbours if they are marking the hedgehogs? If a hoglet has been marked already I can’t imagine mum takes them very far so it must be someone very close.

    At least they have your haven of a garden to come back to.


    Hi, in respect to the markings its difficult to know who would have done it. We live in a rural area, having no neighbors the opposite side of the road, just fields and periodically, pigs. Next door on one side did not know about the hedgehogs and are fairly indifferent towards them. The other neighbor is unknown and rarely visits their 4 acre estate !! The people at the back of the garden have only recently moved in and we have only seen them once. It is possible that it was the previous owner in that house but we never spoke to her as her garden was some 60m long and it is about 400m away from us to the front door, so no good for neighborly chit chat. I don’t think any of the hoglets are marked so I hope nothing further happens.


    Hi Nic, further to your observation re markings on Hoglets, you may indeed be correct, which makes it all the more puzzling since the most likely candidate for doing this sold up a couple of months ago. That said we hear that Hogs can travel a couple of miles a night so it may be some quite distant neighbor that is doing it. I always thought ‘our’ Hogs stayed fairly close as the camera footage I get generally shows the same visitors throughout the night, but that said we know they can move quickly when they want to !

    Avatar photo

    Hi alanfrew

    Maybe it’s the new people in the house with the big garden. But I suspect whoever is doing it may not want to admit to it. Sadly I get quite a few hogs visiting here, who are blobbed – sometimes, quite outrageously. If I ever mention it to anyone, they are bemused as to who could be doing it. All very mysterious, but not nice for the hogs.

    Lets hope the rest of the hoglets manage to stay safe. I hope both families are still doing well. Good luck hogs!


    Only THREE weeks since our first Hoglets appeared on the scene, sure seems longer than that.
    Things are still busy here in the garden. House 1 still has Mum and kids on board. House 2 Mom not seen for a few days, but three hoglets seem fine and staying in the family home. House 3 has seen activity where one of House 1 hoglets has been moving bedding in. House 4 has some signs of interest but certainly not occupied. House 5 now has nearly a full nest built, a big change since I last looked, so will put a camera on that tonight.
    Our neighbours replaced the fence near House 2 last weekend so the original hedgehog highway has gone, but he kindly cut a hole in it which they have started to use. I used a trail of Calci worms to help them navigate !
    Seeing the growth of the House 1 hoglets has been wonderful, and it seems a lot longer than 3 weeks since Mom first moved them in.


    Hi Alan.
    Hope mummy and babies are all still doing well.
    Loving the videos- make my day watching them all growing up.
    Any updates?????


    Hi simbo65, thankyou for your kind words. The good news is that all 5 hedgehog houses are either occupied or are having bedding put in by prospective owners. All of the houses are being occupied by hoglets with the only adult occupant being the Mum who first moved her 5 kids into the ‘igloo’ house at the bottom of the garden. That said ‘Mum 2’ made an appearance last night, the first sighting of her in over a week. She went into the house for a while before being kicked out by the kids as she was blocking the entrance !
    The original Mum and hoglets (House 1) are still to be seen coming and going, although not a lot last night. As the kids are now getting quite independant and doing their own thing its impossible to say how many of the original five are still around, although I believe its four. I am pretty sure its one of them that has moved into one of the wooden houses which I put about 2m from the igloo house.
    I haven’t created so many videos recently as I was conscious that people may get bored with them. I will certainly continue filming them until it goes quiet in the next few weeks.
    Note, about a year ago I tried using the ‘mail big file’ method of uploading videos so they could go on the Hedgehog Street Youtube channel but without success, so I hope I am not upsetting the Admins of this site by embedding my Youtube links directly in my posts !!!


    Hi Alan,
    That all sounds like great news and to have any second litter hoglets survive is such wonderful news and 5 houses occupied….WOW…can you tell my hedgehog jealousy creeping in ?
    I posted somewhere about how good it is that with a little human intervention we can make such a real difference to the hedgehogs and your success rate shows this. It was also really good of your neighbour to put a hole in the fence. There have been a few posts on here where neighbours have actively blocked holes up.
    Re the videos- I love them and it’s good for me to see how mum is interacting with the children and the sizes as they grow. I find it very informative as well as heartwarming. I have no idea about the you tube stuff. I did notice a couple of them aren’t working but that could just be my machine. Anything techy goes over my head I’m afraid.
    Keep up the good work and keep them coming


    Hi simbo65, with reference to the non working videos this is my fault. On my Youtube channel I created a Playlist of all my Hedgehog videos I have made which is around 28 since May 2018.
    For some reason the two videos I posted on House 1 and House 2 picked up this link which meant that both were pointing to the whole Playlist and not the respective videos they should have. I then deleted the Playlist in the hope it would remove the videos from the Post, but it just left the ‘blank’ spaces. Unfortunatly I don’t think its possible to edit Posts after submission so I cannot correct the situation.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 76 total)

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