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Recording hedgehogs

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    Hello, does anyone have any advice or suggestions for a reliable trail camera so I can monitor the visitors to me garden please? I’ve got 2 hedgehog houses and 2 feeding areas and I’m missing out on the activity, I just see the dirty dishes in a morning


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    Hi Gill

    It is nice to be able to find out a bit more about what the hogs are getting up to. There have been a few questions about cameras recently. Here are a few links:

    It’s often a bit of trial and error and also how much you want to spend.

    Good luck. Hope you find something that suits you and that you get some good video of the hogs.


    Thank you Gill and Nic – I was going to post the same question today. Found a hedgehog in my garden last week and I am now hedgehog obsessed – holes in fences, feeding station, hedgehog house….. I see the hedgehog every night if I go out but it’s so shy I’m not able to watch it for any length of time, I only get to wash the empty dish in the mornings ((


    No matter how good your trail camera is, you will always get hogs that can outsmart them. The Bushnell’s are very reliable, but the little devils had a party in front of ours last night leaving a trail of parcels behind without one single clip! There were recordings earlier in the evening and first thing this morning, but nothing in between…looks like they’ve been using that damn invisibility cloak again! 🙂


    My horrible lot managed to reset the timer on mine to daytime only. They’re too darned clever. It’s been reset now and as soon as I’d done that they stopped visiting the feeding station; so I moved that and hid the camera in a shrub, they’re visiting again…… but no pictures thanks to their infernal cloaking device.

    I just know I won’t win because I never do 🙁


    Ahh thank you all so much for responding, I’m glad you too have naughty hedgehogs, I love them whatever they get up to! I’m going to take your advice and experiences and find something so I can at least get a glimpse. One of my visiting hogs I call Henry (no idea why!) and he moves the water dish around the patio and makes a lot of noise. I use a metal dish some nights just so it will wake me up and I can see him (ish, in the dark). He’s a big chunky hedgehog that snorts his way through his dinner and turns every bowl upside down. He’s great and I’d love a photo of him.

    Thanks again

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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